Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Dimension to Titanic: The Villain Edition

Before you spend anymore time at Murder and Macchiatos you must know one thing:
                                                I love Titanic.

Thus, the highlight of my weekend was revisiting the Titanic movie theatre experience.

Now, seeing the movie on the big screen was definitely more important to me than the 3D, but I must note that James Cameron can do magical things with the dimensions of water. I saw the last section of this movie in a new horrifying light.

I noticed some new details in this advanced version, such as Molly Brown's fascinating hat when she meets Jack. There's also a fish that swims by in the opening footage (was it always there?).

I also discovered a new dimension to Rose's despicable fiance.

Staring up at Billy Zane's three-dimensional face while Cal watched Rose get on the boat, as he told Jack that he always wins one way or another, I saw him swallow a few tears (Check it out, right around second 6).

Despite the fact that Rose shouldn't marry him, despite the fact that he deserved to be spit on, he really did love her.

("Deserved to be spit on" sounds incredibly harsh, even in this case...)

We see his true feelings once again when he searches the rescue boat for Rose. He may have survived the Titanic, but he couldn't win Rose's love. He was engaged to her, she was his wife in practice if not yet by law, and he couldn't hold onto her. And then she cheated on him with a stranger while he had cigars and brandy with the gentlemen.

Yes, Jack was Rose's soulmate, he saved her in every way that a woman could be saved, but Cal didn't know that. As far as he was concerned, his fiance suddenly starting spitting, smoking, and coming home smelling like alcohol.

He even said to her, "I know you've been melancholy, I don't pretend to know why." Ladies - when does this ever happen? He waltzed into the room and invited her to open up her feelings. And she would have none of it.

What did he do wrong? Was it money she wanted? He tried stooping low and attempting to buy her love with a diamond, but still her disdain continued.

She acted unladylike, she brashly insulted him in front of his friends and colleagues, and she snuck around with a vagrant from steerage.

                             And then the biggest slap in the face...

Though their engagement gala is next week, she still won't come to bed with him, But she will get naked for a stranger wearing the necklace Cal gave her!

Now, I'm not justifying his next action. I only condone figurative face-slapping. But up until that point he really was just a lover scorned. He saw his fiance falling for another guy and he just wanted to pull her back in, to make sense of it all. But everything happened so quickly. And then the boat was sinking and he tried to do right by her. He tried to get her on the boat to safety, to cover her shivering shoulders with his coat. He wanted to show her that he could take care of her and provide for her.

                                     And still she chose Jack.

And sometimes that's life. You don't always get the girl (Just ask Dawson).

And sometimes you have to play devil's advocate just to prove that no villian should be 100% evil. They all have things going on behind those malicious actions.

                And for the record, I'm totally Team Jack.


  1. I'm a total Titantic fan myself -- have you seen the new AMerican Experience on it? Neither have I, but I've got it DVD'd and it's waiting for me tonight.

    I love this new angle on the movie. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he didn
    t have feelings. The villians have to be people too

  2. Thanks for the response Jan!

    I haven't checked out the American Experience, but it sounds interesting. PBS has so much intriguing material these days.

    Watching the movie as an adult makes me more interested in the history and the tragedy (while 11-year-old me was definitely preoccupied with the big screen Leo).