Monday, April 16, 2012

The Childhood Musings of Time Machines and Walker Texas Ranger

Did anyone else see the "Free-Time Machine" that Windows set up in Madison Square Park last week?

Despite the hyphen, I got oober excited.

                                       There's a time machine?? And it's free?

Just thinking about time machines took me back to my childhood. Summer afternoons when my brother and I built a time machine out of a gigantic box.

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Ross buys Phoebe a bike? She never had a bike growing up, so she played with the box that her neighbor's bike came in.


                            This wasn't like that.

We had bicycles and walkie talkies and a nieghborhood pool down the street - but we wanted to play with a box. The grass is always greener, huh?

Now, if you built your own time machine, what would you do with it? Normal children would want to go back in time to see dinosaurs or maybe to the future to see if aliens have inherited the Earth.

Not us.

We took turns pretending to be Walker Texas Ranger and our mission was to go back in time to save Walker's girlfriend, Walkette.

                                                                  Wait. What?

Yes, obviously we didn't watch much Walker Texas Ranger. Actually I don't think we watched any Walker Texas Ranger. When our neighbor was available to partipicate in our little time travelling simulation he was usually cast as Walker's best friend, Bud.

         If only, naming characters was this easy.

You'd have movies like "When Harry met Harriette" and "Clydette and Clyde." All of the Prince Charmings out there would search for their very own Charmettes.

Though, teenage dramas would get a bit confusing because sometimes Katie Holmes would be called Dawsonette and sometimes Pacietta. Either that or she'd be called Pacietta all along, spoiling the surprise of the series finale.

           Then there's Titanic with Jack and Jackette.

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