Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sparks-Inspired Gosling Mashup Madness

Have you heard the news? Nicholas Sparks is letting everyone write his next book.

Starting today, add one sentence or one paragraph to the morphing story. Find the details here:

I'm curious whether or not this project will yield a true Sparksian story. His contributions are limited to the title, the first sentence, and the last sentence. Will dedicated fans be able to come together to mimic this beloved storyteller?

Of course, we'll have to remember a few unspoken rules - give it movie potential, weave in an epistolary theme and it has to take place in North Carolina.

And maybe some Ryan Gosling.

                                       Definitely some Ryan Gosling.

And why not some genre-breaking. I mean, Gosling hops around from romance to thriller to indie drama. Why can't this new modern Sparks novel do the same?

      How about a Gosling mashup retelling of The Notebook...

"They met the night of the carnival" after Noah's football captain almost died in a car crash. "After seeing Allie that night, something in Noah snapped" and he finally realized that his current girlfriend was really an inflatable doll.

Despite his busy warrior training schedule, Noah made time to ride bikes with Allie and shove ice cream in her face. And suddenly it was love...until her parents found a letter he wrote to his classmate in which he detailed the random murder experiment they were planning. When Allie refused to break-up with Noah, her parents rushed her out of town in the early dawn hours.

Over the years, Noah wrote to Allie about his struggle to bring down a fellow murderer and the temptation to falsify evidence...but, worried for Allie's safety, her mother hid the letters in the trunk of her car.

Then one day, Allie saw Noah's face in the newspaper and thought it was an ad for his house, their house (Really, come on? Who posts a half-page photo of the previous homeowner in a newspaper real estate ad?), but really it reporting his involvement with a campaign intern's suicide.

Allie ran away from home, desperate to reunite with Noah. After a day of painting pictures in Noah's pajamas, she returned to her hotel room only to discover multiple voicemails from the boyfriend she left behind - he knows she's pregnant and he's going to come after Noah.

The hotel concierge remembers seeing Allie enter the building that night. It was the last confirmed sighting of this beautiful young woman. A neighbor of Noah's claimed to have seen odd lighting coming from Noah's basement, but that was the only movement in the case of Allie's disappearance. She was never seen again.

Heartbroken, Noah drove around some and then spent the rest of his life at a retirement home, watching the lake and playing the piano.


But anyways, seriously, back to reality - who's helping Nicholas Sparks write his book?

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