Thursday, April 5, 2012

What We Can Learn From Dawson's Creek

(Warning: There be spoilers. If you've somehow managed to never watch the Dawson's Creek finale, please be careful reading further...)

We're all the main characters in our own little stories, right? Does anyone see themselves as the minor character or the guest appearance in someone else's life?

Then I find myself thinking, I can't be the main character in this story because I haven't gotten the guy. Anyone else find themselves thinking the same thing?

Before we get too discouraged, why don't we ask Dawson the same question. Seriously, the show's named after him and his best friend goes home with the prize.

So here's the lesson we can learn from Dawson's Creek:
The main character doesn't always get the girl.

But he does create his own TV show and he meets Steven Spielberg. That's pretty damn awesome.

I mean, seriously, how many times have we gotten the job and the guy all at the same time? When does life ever line up perfectly like it does at the end of  a TV series or a romantic comedy?

I'm sure Dawson will get the girl somewhere down the line. Heck, he may even get Joey Potter - she was completely indecisive and after 6 years (and wasn't there a time jump as well) she only made her decision in the last five minutes. Maybe one day Dawson will marry Joey or maybe he'll meet someone even better.

Just because the series has ended doesn't mean that everything should be tied up neatly in a bow. If that were the case, then what? The characters have to live in a bubble for the next 50 years to make sure they preserve that perfection they achieved so early in life?

           Also, who doesn't enjoy watching Dawson cry...

But hey, I was always a Pacey fan, so maybe I'm just biased...


           Alright, your turn:

                              What is your favorite unhappy ending?

            Or...if you're feeling a bit mean-spirited:

                                 Which character do you enjoy watching cry?

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