Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There is an upside to having only one follower (shoutout to Alexandria!). I can change the content and vibe of the blog without many people noticing. This is a great time to experiment with what works and what doesn't.

I originally wanted to create a "belated blog" and talk about the inspiration and process that led to my almost-finished-novel - didn't really work.

Then I wanted to focus on one writing topic per post - a la Today's Lesson Is... - didn't really work either.

I've never been one for blog-as-diary but what about just random musings? Embellishing on random things is really where all of our little story kernels come from, right? But what separates this type of blogging from blog-as-diary?

What I don't want to do is tell y'all about the guy I'm (not) dating or detail a stressful day at work.

I do want to talk about the bunny scavenger hunt in Union Square (which sadly I was not a part of) or detail my feeling about the Hunger Games (probably too late for that now, but there's always the next trilogy...)

And sometimes I want to say y'all (I have Virginia roots, it's totally legitimate).

So here we go, round three of blog experimentation (Four if you count the short-lived Random Adventures of a New York Commuter).

I realize that the above may make it seem like I'm the type of person who starts projects and never finishes them.

That's true sometimes.

But here's the thing - when I really care about a story, when I'm really passionate about it, I put all my effort into completing it. Such is the case with my almost-finished-novel (There is it again. It actually IS finished. I'm just working on all of that lovely grammatical business). And hopefully, all of this experimentation will yield one product filled with passion and dedication.

I'm looking forward to some interviews, some polls, some inspiring videos (by inspiring I mean probably some from the random and silly collection that jumpstart my creative juices), and much more!

So I'll start by leaving you with this picture, to show you that things may get a bit random, but hopefully we'll learn some sort of lesson along the way:

(The lesson here is that it's not always the chicken that crosses the road.)

(The second lesson is that I occassionally make cheesy jokes.)

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