Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Superlative Review: Justified Season 5 Premiere

Alright folks, it's time for another non-spoiler alert, super vague, TV review. This time I'm going superlative style on the season 5 premiere of Justified.

Quote of the night:
"You figured you'd drive south anyway, rip off the simple people? Well we ain't that simple." 

Season Prediction:
An alligator will eat someone.

Biggest Question:
When will Wood Harris appear? How will he fit into the story?
(Actually...that's two questions...)

New Favorite Character:
Daryl Crowe Jr. played by Michael Rapaport. His character in Friends shot squirrels while sitting on the toilet - who better to join this back-woods clan?

Least Favorite Aspect:
A man with a chainsaw and a room full of blow-up dolls - it seems like they were trying too hard to depict Detroit as extraordinarily crime-filled - but hey, I've never been there, so who knows.

As before, this was a very short superlative review.

What were your thoughts?

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  1. I'm a fish out of water on this one... while I've heard of the series, I've never seen it.