Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Anti-Spoiler Alert: HIMYM's Splitsville

So, apparently I'm blogging TV reviews now - or at least that's the whim I'm on this morning.
This may be the only one, maybe there'll be two, they may only be about HIMYM, or I may throw some Dexter in there (Sadly, we are getting into the final hours of both these shows).
One thing I do know is that it will be superlative style.
Secondly, for those of you who were hitting your word count last night and didn't have time to watch the episode this morning between eating potatoes and doing your makeup - I'll try not spoil it. I won't discuss and major plot points and any quotes will be listed anonymously.
*A note about this week's episode: It's called Splitsville. How's that for a spoiler?
So, folks, I now present you with my very first non-spoiler alert, super vague, TV review:
(1)  Best New Thing I Noticed This Week:
Marvin Waitforit Erikson is an adorable baby. Really adorable.
(2)  Best Exchange:
"I feel like we're not working out as a couple."
"You want to start going to the gym together?"
(3)  Best One-liner:
"It feels like I have a pulled groin...in my heart."
(4)  Biggest question about last night's episode:
Where is there a Bennigans in New York?
I forgot to mention that this is also a very short superlative review.
Anyone have anything they'd like to add?


  1. The Bennigans reference bugged me too! Im pretty sure the whole chain went out of business years ago, so that might be why they can legally use it.

    1. If there were a Bennigans in NY, I'd totally be there...all the time.

  2. I guess I watch very little television... while I know of Dexter... I have no idea what HIMYM stands for...