Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo Pep Talk: I Will Find You

Alright NaNoWriMo folks - have you been reading your pep talks (and eating your Wheaties)? 
If not, check out Day 9 - Karen Russell's pep talk is by far my favorite.

Karen's message inspired me...not to work on my novel, exactly, but to write my own pep talk of sorts.

This year's story concerns one kidnapped high school student and I don't think it's fair to her that instead of trying to find her, I'm taking breaks to watch football, to drink Bloody Marys, and to have Blue Bloods and/or (definitely and) Dawson's Creek marathons.

So, I thought I'd write poor Sammy Burton a little pep talk to ensure her that I haven't given up on finding her. Here goes:
(1) I know I may spend all of my time on the detective's backstory
instead of looking into suspects, but really
he has to look within himself in order to find you.
The sins of the past, my friend...
(2) Dawson's Creek is educational.
And much better than the crap that you kids watch today.
Just...something to think about when you get home.

(3) Sometimes your friends are more interesting than you,
even if interrogating them doesn't get me any closer to finding you.

(4) The spontaneous One Direction dance parties
are to help me get into the mind-frame of today's youth,
so that I can track your movements that last day.

(5) Obviously, it wasn't your dad. You & I both know that,
but making people suspect him is just a necessity of the first act.

(6) Yes, dear, the coffee breaks are necessary.
You'll understand when you're older.

(7) I already know where you are and who took you,
so just hold tight - we'll be there by the end of November. I promise.

And now back to writing!


  1. Karen's pep talk has been my favorite so far too. I've been giving in to "Alias" marathons which has absolutely nothing to do with my novel...

  2. I ended up watching a mass amount of Friday Night Lights instead - so addicting!

    Hope week 2 is going well for you :)

  3. Replies
    1. Outlandish excuses made under the influence of procrastination ...