Friday, June 7, 2013

Fiction & Frappaccinos: Big Apple BBQ, GoT Swag, and Summer Reading

(1) First and foremost, I've discovered that many New Yorkers are not aware of this weekend's Big Apple BBQ. We're talking two days of BBQ from all over the country that can be found right in Madison Square Park. Fixins are slim-pickins, but if you want some very tasty slabs of meat, it's the place to be. Also included - live music and a beer garden.
Full details here.

(2) And while you're spending your weekend in the upper part of lower Manhattan, 
make sure to check out the new Tiny Libraries!  
Find out more here.

(3) Since I seem to have fallen into a Manhattan happenings vibe, I would also like to point out that  Slattery's Pub and Random House will be hosting Game of Thrones (Book) Trivia on June 25th. How many times have you read the books? Do you think you can compete? Full details here.

(4) And if you're a true fan, I'm assuming you already own the Game of Thrones letter opener?

If not, pick up this Shop HBO Exclusive Item while you're in Manhattan.

(5) June is quickly breezing past us. 
Have you started your summer reading yet
Here are a handful of summer reading lists I've stumbled upon this week. 

What books are you most excited about?

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  1. I have not read any of the Game of Thrones books... or seen the series. So I've been hearing this term about it the last couple of weeks, a Red Wedding that apparently upset some viewers.

    At the moment, I'm reading Jeff Shaara's new novel, about the Vicksburg campaign.

    And it wouldn't surprise me if some of the bbq outfits that come into New York for that also turn up here. We've got a pedestrian street downtown that gets handed over to a long row of BBQ cookeries on a weekend in July or August.