Friday, June 21, 2013

Fiction & Frappaccinos: Wolf of Wall Street and Ecto Coolers

Fiction and Frappaccinos
Check in every Friday to see my favorites from the week.
(Coffee not included)

(1) An abundance of awesome movie trailers have surfaced this week, here are my favorites:



(2)If you're a child between the ages of 8-13...then I've probably spoiled the ending of Titanic and Dawson's Creek for you...but as a trade-in, check out this Lifehacker article on #FREE Apple and Microsoft movie-making classes this summer.

(3) My new online obsession - - insider secrets about former filming locations in NYC. My favorite is the article on Ghostbusters! Check out the Gizmodo feature here.

Ecto Cooler

(4) Speaking of Ghostbusters, was anyone a fan of the Hi-C Ecto Coolers (not the shot that it made at some college dive bars, but rather the juice box for children)?

Sad news, Ecto Coolers have been extinct for years.
Check out 24 other awesome foods that no longer exist via Buzzfeed.

(5) Busy tomorrow? If not, check out the fictional murder on the streets on Park Slope. Here are the details via the NYTimes. I will probably miss it, so if anyone goes, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Weekend, folks!
It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to read me some books.


  1. I have never seen ghostbuster drinking boxes like that....

  2. LOVED Ecto Coolers. And regardless of branding changes, I just cannot find anything comparable anymore, though that could just be the childhood memory altering the flavor to an unmatchable awesomeness that no other flavor could compare.

  3. Szever - Thank you for stopping by!

    I'm thinking if someone put water in an Ecto-Cooler drink carton I'd probably have a full-on nostalgia attack.

    William - Sorry you missed out on the Ghostbusters paraphernalia. Those were better times...