Friday, August 3, 2012

How I Met Dexter: A Murder & Macchiatos Mashup

This post was inspired by the following tweet:
@sethmeyers21: If you combined my two favorite shows
you would have Breaking Badchelorette.

I have a feeling this fall is going to be really busy - from football (which I'll try not to talk about too much) and my new blog project (which you'll hear about later), to work, family, and the holidays.

What would make things a whole lot easier is if my two favorite shows were combined. I started thinking about the idea and it might actually be possible.

So now folks, I present you with the second ever
Murder & Macchiatos Mashup!


Remember when we thought the Trinity Killer was dead? Turns out he's alive and living in NYC under the guise of reuniting with his estranged son - that's right folks, the Trinity Killer is Barney Stintson's dad.

Now that Deb knows Dexter's secret, there's no better time to travel to the city that never sleeps, a land filled with dark alleys and a plethera of killers.

Of course, transportation is going to be a problem - which just means that this season's partner in crime is...RANJIT!

Dexter must cozy up to Barney in order to keep tabs on Trinity, but he finds it tricky to get work done when Barney's constantly busting through the door and insisting that they go party. Dexter thinks about killing Barney, just to get him out of the way...but, of course, that would be against the code.

Barney's friends are great though - Lily & the new baby adore Harrison, Robin has a secret gun stash, and Marshall also talks to his deceased father.

Of course, that Ted guy's a bit needy. He won't shut up about how lonely he is in his new apartment or how he's never going to find "the one." Dexter thinks about taking a feild trip to Ted's deserted house in Westchester to silence the whining forever. Unfortunately, that would also be against the code.

On the path to Trinity, Dexter encounters plenty of worthy kills. First, there's a guy who looks like Moby whose specialty is shooting people at crowded New Year's parties. After that is a man who strips naked on the first date and kills the women during pity sex.

By the end of the season, Dexter comes to appreciate Barney's influence. He finds himself saying, "Murder Suit Up" and "Challenge Accepted." Sometimes, on a really good kill, he even whispers to the victim, "This is going to be legen...wait for it...dairy."

I don't really want to spoil the season finale, but let's just say it ends with John Lithgow walking across McClaren's and saying, "Hello, Dexter Morgan."

Expect plenty of voice-over narratives this season and the revival of Dawson's Murder Train song.

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