Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Swiss With Your Burger: A Tid-Bit Too Long For Twitter

This weekend I was at Wendy's, enjoying a bit of Dave's cuisine. There was a couple sitting next to me - we're not talking across the way, we're talking so close to me that I could touch them - and the guy said, "You see that girl to the right?"

The woman looked at me and asked, "That one right there?"

"Yeah, she's from Switzerland," he said. "Seriously, I don't know why these countries come here."

They got up and walked away before I could make a phonecall in my native accent.

The whole incident was just...bizarre.

First of all, I'm not from Switzerland. I'm from right here. Second, you're not whispering, you're sitting two feet away from me, yet you're blatantly talking about me...because you assume I don't speak English.

I guess since I'm blonde with pale skin, I must obviously be from Switzerland.
Not Virginia, but Switzerland. 

I'm still laughing.

(Also, Buddy, it's not the countries that come here, but the people from the countries that come here. #justsaying)

Now, I'm not going to turn this into a statement about judgement, but I will use it as a writing exercise...

So, fellow writers -
If your character were sitting in Wendy's,
chomping down on some nuggets,
what would the other diners say about him/her?


  1. They probably wouldn't even notice them because they are just an average person that weird things happen to.

  2. Sometimes those "invisible" characters are the most interesting!

    Is your story about one weird thing in specific that happens?

  3. "Would you look at that hair!"

    "Oh come on, Marge, let's not get on about red-heads again."

    "Still. I wonder if she'll break out in hives."

  4. Hahaha I want to know more!

    And not just about your character, but also about Marge...

  5. If my character were in Wendy's, the other diner would say:

    "Hey look Ethel; I've never seen anyone put ice cream on a salad before."

    My character:

    "Then Ethel there is very good at hiding her PMS."