Friday, July 27, 2012

Awesome Event Alert: A Tid-Bit Too Long for Twitter

Who's going to DC for the National Book Festival?
Sept 22-23 on the National Mall. Hosted by The Library of Congress.
Here's the info:

I'm not going to lie - I'm really excited for R.L. Stine's panel.

I'm pretty sure I read every GOOSEBUMPS book in the early 90s. Not chronologically, starting with LET'S GET INVISIBLE. There was even a haunted theme park computer game hosted by Jeff Goldblum (Sadly, I don't think Jeff Goldblum is speaking at the bookfest. Shucks...)

This bookfest, though, will be more than just a nostalgia trip (For more nostalgia, please see the Lois Lowry panel!), there is also an extensive list of prominent mystery and thriller writers on the line-up. Patricia Cornwell, Michael Connolly, Lisa Scottoline, and many fabulous others will be in attendance.

So get on down to DC and let's celebrate some writers!

And...As a Tid-Bit Too Long For Twitter bonus, I found an awesome Wiki - The complete list of GOOSEBUMPS books!


Next Week: Stay tuned for another Murder & Macchiatos Mashup!


  1. Didn't know about the National Book Festival. thanks for the info.

  2. Glad you stopped by and are now in the know!

    I just heard about it last week and I'm so excited :)