Monday, January 13, 2014

On Genre: Polar Vortex

I can't decide if a book titled Polar Vortex would be insanely awesome or extremely cheesy. My first thought goes to a disaster film (Will Smith & Jeff Goldblum reunite to save the world from the war waged by winter), second to a sci-fi novel. So, I decided to have a little fun with genre and the Polar Vortex. Here's a mock description for this title in several genres.

The Polar Vortex hits Alacatraz. All maximum security burns out and the phone lines go dead.
130 prisoners. 45 correctional officers.Who will escape the island?

Comedy Flick
When three college friends fall into a subzero whirlpool, they find Santa Claus one the other side and discover he is very different from the man they grew up with. Starring Will Ferrell as Santa Claus.

Indy Flick 
(Based on the best-selling novel)

Bi-Polar was a new term for 16-year-old Tiffany before she met Jared. Now she finds herself falling for him and spends the summer learning about life, love, and growing up.

Jack Rycher has one task - transport the prisoner from Rikers to San Quentin.
There's only one problem - the Polar Vortex has hit the United States.
Flights cancelled, cellphones dying - nothing will stop Jack Rycher from completing his task.

Alright folks, this is just a start - let's hear yours!

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  1. If Will Ferrell were playing Santa Claus, I'd be rooting for Santa to meet a very bad end. Stomped on by the reindeer. Lost in an interdimensional stargate (the only way that sleigh can get around the world in one night). Anything! I really, really, really can't stand Will Ferrell...