Friday, May 31, 2013

Fiction & Frappaccinos: Gru, Cranston, and Office Hours

Fiction and Frappaccinos
Check in every Friday to see my favorites from the week.
(Coffee not included)

So busy sneezing this week, that I barely had time for Fiction & Frappaccinos. 
Here are my favorites from this week. More to come next week!

(1) Are you a Despicable Me fan? My sister dragged me to it and despite my hestiations, I loved it.
In anticipation for the sequel, Steve Carell appeared on Ellen this week dressed as Gru! (via @buzzfeed)

(2) I've been on a Breaking Bad bender 
(don't worry, we're talking completely recreational TV-watching. 
No actual blue ice was involved). 
Almost done with Season 3 and so far avoiding all spoilers, 
but I want so badly to check out some of the amazing spoofs out there.

(3) Speaking of Bryan Cranston,
here's an awesome (spoiler-free)
cover creation someone
spotted at a newspaper stand
(via @fastcompany).

(4) Are you a Goodreads Author
You can now check in at Office Hours with any questions or concerns. 
Check out the details here on Where Writers Win.


  1. Admittedly, I've never seen Despicable Me. I've got a friend who just loves the minions to pieces though!

  2. My sister dragged me to it and we both ended up loving it. The minions are definitely the biggest highlight.