Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learning & Laughing: Val McDermid at the Center For Fiction

Tuesday night was the second Center for Fiction Crime Fiction Academy Master Class I've attended and I've noticed one thing - crime fiction writers are hilarious!

Ok maybe that's a generalization, but Harlan Coben (last spring) and Val McDermid (Tuesday night) both had me laughing.

So anyways, down to business, here are some fun tidbits* about Val McDermid that I learned this week:

(1) She started going to the library before she was old enough to know what it was called - so she called it the Labrador.

(2) Her life in crime began at a young age when she stole her mom's library tickets.

(3) The one rule she had for the Wire in the Blood tv adaptation was that the writers couldn't kill Tony Hill's cat.

(4) She submitted her first novel when she was 20. After it was rejected, she turned it into a stageplay.

(5) One plot point required Tony Hill to be impotent. She was then required to write this character as impotent for the rest of the series.

My favorite point made by Val McDermid:
When she was still trying to tap into success, she struggled because she didn't know what she was doing right. I'm used to hearing people say they didn't know what they did wrong, but Val's point was that if you know what you're doing right, you can reciprocate it.


Next CFA Master Class at the Center for Fiction is Dennis Lehane on 11/7!
*I've been saying tidbits far too often. Where did it come from?

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