Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let's Take the Backstreet, Boys: An Exercise

Every time I hear the name One Direction, I want to create a sentence with their name. For instance, my boyfriend and I walked past a church playing One Direction as part of their Saturday morning Zumba class. He jokingly said, "There's only one direction when it comes to God." You could play this game ad nauseam with this particular British boy band.

Then, there's the group called Big Time Rush. Pair that with One Direction you can have even more fun. The subway is only going in one direction right now, so it's a big time rush to get to work. 

Last year, I began this same conversation with one of my buddies and asked him how he would use the word Backstreet Boys in a sentence. For some reason I was struggling with what he very easily turned into "Let's take the backstreet, boys."

I've been reading Game of Thrones and a lot of YA Dystopian Fiction, so I'm finally able to one-up his BsB phrase -

Robert gripped his horse's reins as the cold, crisp air blasted past him. Rather than grass, blood covered the soil. They were too late. 
"Sir! On the backstreet. Boys!" 
The horse bucked at the shout.
"How many?" Robert asked.
"Five or six. Boys. Children."

How would you put the Backstreet Boys into a phrase not involving boy bands? What about 98 Degrees - can you create a sentence with their name that doesn't involve temperature? Have fun and let me know what you come up with. 

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  1. Since the very notion of these boy bands tend to get me thinking that fingernails on a blackboard sounds better, I'd have trouble coming up with something!