Monday, August 12, 2013

Sun-Blocked: Summertime Slacking

Turns out this summer has been a busy one. I know - excuses, excuses. Here's just a quick note to say hold on a few more weeks and the blog will be back up and pumping by the fall.

In the meantime, here of some things happening in the World O' Suebeth:

(1) I get to see Matchbox20 this week! I've been a fan of them since their first single, Push, when I was 11 years old. With the exception of a 6AM sound check at The Today Show last summer, I've never been to a Matchbox20 concert in my 16 years of fandom. Which means - this is big news.

(2) Now that I'm caught up with Breaking Bad, I was able to watch last night's premiere in real time. I don't normally read TV reviews, but I just can't get enough of this show. Here's a review from Slashfilm that's very tongue-in-check, just the way I like them. AND if you live in NY or you were following #BreakingBad around 8PM last night, you know all about the TWC / AMC sound sync fiasco. People were losing their minds. I'm convinced it was all a big prank...

(3) The deadline is on - I am going to finish by book by October 1st. Between work and extracurricular activities, I've been making slight changes on my novel over the past year, but now I'm finishing it. I have other stories I want to work on and it's about time to put this one under the covers (...get it?).

Alright folks, my apologies for the Live-Journal-esque post. 
Stay tuned for more Murder & Macchiatos in the fall!


  1. You know, I've never seen a single episode of Breaking Bad....

  2. I definitely recommend it. The first and fifth seasons are only 8 episodes and the rest of 13, so it's a quick watch. Seriously addicting.