Friday, July 5, 2013

Plot Reroute: ID4 Without Capt. Steven Hiller

You guys - Will Smith is not going to be in Independence Day 2!

(Read the Huffington Post article here.)

After overcoming my initial shock and sadness, I decided to write a blog post. What would the original Independence Day have been like without Captain Steven Hiller?

Let's begin with a disclaimer, folks - Will Smith has always been my favorite celebrity. If I could meet one person... So what I am about to say is solely for the purposes of this post.

If Capt. Steven Hiller wasn't in Independence Day, David still could have saved the world. Really, what did he need Steve for? The group found Area 51 independently of Hiller's discovery. David's dad was the one to put in the idea of the virus. Really, Steve's one contribution was that he'd seen these things in action and he was well aware of their maneuvering capabilities. But let's face it - someone else could have flown the plane. What about that mass of fighter pilots that grouped together in the early hours of July 4th (or maybe even the President himself). One of then could probably have figured out how to fly that plane.

BUT there are several things that would not have been possible in Capt Steven Hiller's absense.

(1) Jasmine would have had no reason to go to El Toro and she would not have discovered the President's wife. This means no tearful scene in the Area 51 hospital (I cry every time).

(2) If Steve hadn't brought the alien to Area 51, Dr. Okun would still be alive (and they didn't need this alien in order to fly the plane). AND if Whitmore wasn't aware of the aliens' plan of to dominate, he wouldn't have used Nukes on Houston (but would they have launched a counter-attack with the rest of the world?).

(3)  The RVs would not have had clearance into Area 51, which means Russell Casse would not figured out how to take those bastards down (and in the process, delivered my favorite movie line of all time). Does this mean that the virus and counterattack would have been a failure? Maybe they needed Hiller afterall!

As a bonus to this post, @nickwoost has returned to offer his thought on the Hiller-less sequel:

  1. I'm not sure what Independence Day is without Will Smith. Who will supply the one-liners?

  2. Independence Day 2: Plausible Deniability
  3. "You can't reinstate yourself." "I just did." RT Independence Day 2: Plausible Deniability
  4. !!! Wow. MTV movie awards would need a Best Zinger category just recognize that exchange properly.


  1. My grammar is off in that last tweet. My life is forfeit.

    1. Twitter is conditioning us to butcher grammar :-/

  2. Considering that Will Smith has, in the last two or three years turned to his "Shill My Talent Deprived Kids In Any Movie I Can" mode... maybe his absense would be a good thing.