Friday, July 19, 2013

Fiction & Frappaccinos: Rugrats, 2-Year-Olds, and Walter White

Fiction and Frappaccinos
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(Coffee not included)

(1) I think I've mentioned that I'm making my way through Breaking Bad (and loving it!). I'm still 8 episodes behind, so no spoilers please! I absolutely flipped when I found out the Museum of Moving Image in Queens is doing a Walter White exhibit, which opens next week. Details here.

(2) What would the Rugrats look like if they were all grown-up. Celeste Doodles give us her take - and it's friggin' awesome!

(3) If you do one thing this week, you have to check out Convos W/ My 2Yr Old, a video series described as, "Actual conversations with my two year old re-enacted by me and another full grown man." 

Here's the link to their YouTube channel.

(4) Hope you folks are surviving the heat waveHere's who Buzzfeed blames for the heat.

(5) John Stamos is reuniting with The Rippers tonight on Jimmy Fallon!
Details here.

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