Friday, April 27, 2012

Please Don't Take Your Daughter To Work

Did everyone enjoy Take Your Daughter To Work Day? I'm at that sad age where I'm no longer invited to spend a random Thursday at the newspaper offices. No more interviewing other children and creating fake newspapers.

Unlike some children, I didn't get to rotate my visits every year. My mom was a nurse and apparently toting a child around a hospital is dangerous.

Which leads me to today's topic:
3 people who shouldn't take their daughters to work

I would start this list off with Serial Killer, but I think Dexter's already tackled that one (Though Harrison is not a daughter, he would be able to participate in the newly revamped Take Your Children To Work Day).

Crime Scene Investigator

Alligator Hunter

Undercover Police Officer

                       (Don't worry, that's just cranberry juice on the hands.)

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